• #145 OUT OF 145 - LAST ONE MADE - BIG SPEC
  • 2003 - FC03GXD
  • 146660 Miles
  • SOLD


A unique opportunity to acquire the last Alpina B10 V8S saloon that was made - only 145 were produced worldwide (of which 48 were RHD) and this is number 145. The V8S was the ultimate Alpina incarnation for the E39 boasting a 4.8 V8 engine producing 375bhp, with more torque than the equivalent M5. This particular example came very well equipped from the factory:

Leather 'comfort' seats with massage function and Alpina rhomboids
19" Alpina Classic alloy wheels with hidden valves
Floating Brembo discs with blue Alpina 4 pot calipers
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Park Distance Control
Electric steering wheel adjustment
Dual zone climate
Electric sunroof
Electric windows & mirrors
BMW HiFi with integrated Sat Nav
Alpina floor and boot mats

This example is finished in Sapphire Black metallic complemented by the Silver Grey leather with black piping and rhomboids.

History & Documentation
Reg No: FC03GXD
Owners: 4
Mileage: 146,600 warranted
HPI: Clear
MOT: May 2024
Keys: 2

This car came to our attention in 2022 when we were contacted by colleagues of the owner who had sadly passed away quite suddenly and they were interested in selling the car, which was one of his prized possessions. His affairs turned out to be fairly complex, so it was some time before they were actually able to sell the car to us. He had owned it since 2016 and was fastidious in keeping records so we have invoices totalling many thousands for all service and repair work carried out since then, including a set of front discs and pads around 10k miles ago (£1600), rocker cover gaskets, aux belts, rear brakes, new alternator etc. Prior to this, the car was owned by it's second owner from 2007 and there is evidence on the Alpina forum and the service book that the car was looked after by well known specialist Phil Crouch. We have the original Alpina service book and supplementary handbook along with all other standard BMW books in the Alpina wallet. We had the Alpina MOT'd in May with only one advisory for front brake pipes.

Mechanical Condition
The car does start on the first try but there are some mechanical issues that will require investigation and rectification. First, and most noticeable, is a misfire below around 2500rpms - it disappears if revved above this level. Isolated to a misfire on cylinders 3 & 7, we changed the plugs but this has not resolved the issue, so it does require further investigation. Second, the charging system is not functioning correctly as demonstrated by a flashing dashboard light. Finally the viscous fan is not disengaging so a new unit is required. Please note, this list is not necessarily exhaustive, just the observations we have made on inspection and it could well be there are other issues that we have not identified. However, we can confirm that the car drives well and goes very well indeed once pushed a bit harder - the gearbox changes in both auto and switchtronic modes, the brakes pull up well and the car is generally a nice steer. It is worth noting that it comes with a full set of barely used (less than 100 miles) Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres which are the best tyre for this car.

Exterior Condition
This Alpina is a classic case of the '5 yard car' - from that distance, it looks smart and the black paint adds to the menacing appearance of the car. However, closer inspection will reveal multiple areas that need addressing - the front of the car is heavily stone chipped, the tops of the front wings have crazed clearcoat, there is corrosion on the front wings, rear arches, sill ends, near to jacking points and there are scratched on the bumper. However, there is no structural corrosion evident, even the jacking points are solid (we have safely lifted the car on a ramp), just a bit crusty around the edges. The wheels are ok but not perfect and come with all the locking caps and keys required to access the tyre valves. You will also note the badges are missing - it came with some 'Alpina' badges which I have a pet hate for and removed straight away!

Interior Condition
The interior of the car is probably it's strongest point with it having worn extremely well over the years - the seats are in great condition and the leather is still supple... the seats are amazingly comfortable and the rare massage function option works fine, as do all other electrics in the car. The rare Alpina mats are in great condition and show very little wear - in fact the only area that shows any significant wear is on the drivers door handle.

This is a very rare car and of course unique in the respect that it is the last one made of it's type. However, despite it being in running condition please be under no illusion that this car needs TLC to bring it back to it's former glory. Unfortunately I've had an accident a few weeks ago which has severely restricted my mobility and am not therefore in a position to get it retail ready any time soon so am selling as is. For the avoidance of doubt, the sales invoice will show the car as 'spares or repair' to reflect that it does need work and is unwarranted. If you have any questions or require more photos please don't hesitate to ask.