In addition to selling our own cars, we are able to offer a number of additional services to customers all delivered with the professionalism we are so proud of.


If you have a modern classic car that you wish to sell, then we may be interested in buying it outright.   This service is ideal for the owner who wants a rapid, professional transaction without the invasion of privacy and time that a private sale inevitably brings.  We will always offer a market competitive trade valuation for cars that are a good fit for us.  Please contact us with details of your car if you are interested in selling.


Whilst we would generally prefer to buy your car outright, if immediacy of selling is not an issue then we can sell your car for you on a consignment basis.   Your car will be prepared and marketed to the same standards as our own and we can deal with all enquiries and close the sale on your behalf.   If you are interested in this service, then please contact us for our rates as well as terms and conditions.


We believe that the preparation of our cars is to a very high standard, using 'boutique' products and equipment rather than typical trade methods.  The result is a finish that will be a cut above the rest and with reasonable ongoing maintenance will preserve the value of the car.   We are able to offer this service for cars other than our own on a limited basis and will be happy to discuss options with you after inspection of your car.